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The Best Hookah Lounge Near ASU

Hookah smoking is a form of socialization which originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. More than a favorite pass-time of kings and aristocrats, it was an art of hospitality, before it became mainstream and cool. Today the world is gaga over the humble hookah.

Looking for the best hookah lounge near ASU? For the lovers of flavored smoke in Tempe, Arizona, there is a perfect getaway to Hookah socialization done the true Mediterranean way. A rare gem of the E. Apache Boulevard, in Tempe, is the King Tut Café and Hookah Lounge. The place is a perfect symbiosis of the past and the present.

The bar is inspired by the intriguing character of King Tut, the Egyptian pharaoh widely known in history for his extraordinary collection of Gold items. The whole culture of smoking hookah began with the royalty. Hookah was the favorite pastime of the Persian and Mughal kings and was commonly used it as a powerful diplomatic tool. Foreign dignitaries and important state officials were treated with flavored hookah as a symbol of respect and friendship. This amazing culture survived on, amid waves of change. Today, it’s a global phenomenon and is widely accepted as a refreshing alternative to other hardcore intoxicating substances.

King Tut Café is born to bring the royalty of the ancient Egypt to the people of Tempe. It is an artistic hookah lounge, reminiscent of the mysteries from the River Nile. The place has an amazing food scene and can easily be treated as an awesome specialty restaurant, with friendly staff and sophisticated clientele.

Starting with the hookah, you can entice your senses with the some out-of-the-world flavors, like AL faker Brand Tobacco, Pirate’s Cave, Tangerine Dream, Code 69 or Coco jumbo. Other than these, there are the regular flavors like double apple, Blue mist, Orange, Rose, Strawberry, etc. All these flavors combined, give this bar an invigorating fragrance, which is hard to describe.

ASU Hookah LoungeThe actual Hookahs are designed according to Middle Eastern patterns and style. The bowls are made of crystal glass and the body is made with decorated metal. Try out a topping with the Al-Fakhir honey and give it a mix of melon tobacco flavor, to know what heaven truly smells like.

To amplify the royal factor and enjoy the Egyptian ethos of the place, treat yourself to the special Arabic coffee, which is undoubtedly the mother of all aromatic beverages. It also has some organic choices like guava juice, mango Juice, green tea, lemonade and more.

But the bar is more than just hookah or beverages. It’s also a hot-spot of Mediterranean foodies or people who simply like to taste an exotic meal. A vibrant assortment of authentic and traditional Mediterranean food is cooked by the ace-chefs of the restaurant in Tempe. The three most sought after dishes are the Falafel plates, Sheesh Tawook Skewer, hummus and stuffed grape leaves. Other than these, you can enjoy American comfort food like Nachos and fries.

End your meal with the iconic dessert, Baklava, which is a Turkish sweet pastry made with multiple layers of filo or wafer-thin dough. Each layer is further stuffed with exotic dry fruits and glistened with honey. It was an extremely popular cuisine of the former Ottoman Empire. If you are hungry for good food in Tempe restaurants like this can be a savior.

The best part of the place is its aesthetic charm. It works well on the eyes and brings about the quaint vibe of a bygone era. You can find the history of the most ancient civilization on earth, depicted creatively on its walls. The detailing is bound to amaze you. Various tapestries, hanging on the walls, introduces you to the golden years of Egypt. In some, you can find the royal affairs of Horus, Nefertiti, Akhenaten and King Tut.

If you notice carefully, the detailing extends to the bar’s flooring as well. The floor is made from Girih tiles, inspired by the royalty of Egypt. The patterns and shades give an ineffable final touch to the spirit of the Mediterranean royalty. It is designed to complement the bar’s unique overall décor.
To complete the picture of this hookah bar, imagine the coffee shops of Amsterdam and bring in a wave of Egyptian culture, and you will be glad about what you find. King Tut Café and Hookah Lounge, is a laid-back lounge, where people can have fun and mingle with friends and colleagues. Suitable for every age group above 18 years of age, this hookah lounge Tempe, opens as the sun goes down and stay open till 2 in the morning.